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Most professional or weekend builders leave nothing to chance when it comes to stocking their toolkits, but many are missing one critical item: a tool to help them compile the parts numbers and manufacturer names that are a part of their builds.

Any builder accumulates piles of receipts during the process that can easily get lost or misplaced without a formal record-keeping system. That leads to frustration or frantic searches for receipts with part numbers when the inevitable breakdowns happen.

Those problems are solved with My Build Book, a durable, user-friendly record-keeping resource that allows you to document all the replacement parts, modifications or custom items included in your build, whether it's a muscle car, hot rod, street rod, rat rod, off road or truck. Created by car builders with years of experience, the book is small in size at 5" x 7" but with ample space for record keeping and is easily stored or transported to auto events or auto parts stores.  The book is also a strong valuation tool in helping to determine a resale value for your vehicle.

This all-in-one resource also features adjacent Notes pages to document more specific modifications or cross references during your build, and includes a comprehensive Reference Guide featuring size equivalent guides, math charts, tap sizes and clearance drills, electrical power to DC circuits, torque specifications and much more.

  • The only Vehicle Build Book available to solve your documentation problems!
  • Developed and used for over 20 years - Experience you can trust.
  • The leaders in build documentation.
  • A solution to your build documentation is as easy as “My Build Book”.
  • 100% of the information is with the vehicle 100% of the time.
  • Discover the unique method of documenting your vehicle build and future build projects.
  • “My Build Book” maximizes your time by gathering the pertinent information of your build into one convenient location.
  • Makes the appraisers job more accurate, enhancing the vehicle value.
  • Start solving your documentation storage problem today!